SALT is a series of stunning aerial photographs of

Australia’s vast salt lakes, remote deserts and wild coasts.


To do this, Damon chose only the days that had the weather and light he was seeking, often just after storms had moved through, with clearing fog and golden morning light. Even so, this may have meant waiting in one location for days before the right elements of weather, light and landform came together to allow the creation of a superb image.


These unique and beautiful images tell the story of advancing and receding flood waters across vast salt lakes in the remote Australian outback. Damon has captured views that few people see - for here there are no roads. Ground access is virtually impossible and the only way to see these scenes is just after sunrise from the air. At this magic hour of revealing light and calm air, there is beautiful clarity, superb colour, shape and form to be seen in the landscape from above.


After 30 years of traveling the world’s wild places making adventure and wildlife documentaries for National Geographic, the BBC, Australian Geographic and Australian commercial television stations, Damon is happiest photographing in Australia. “There are no border guards with sub-machine guns, the people are friendly and I can travel for thousands of kilometres without hindrance.” 


There is incredible diversity in the Australian landscape... from mountains to deserts, from the tropics to snow. There are superb wilderness areas, many only a few hours travel from capital cities.’ The art of capturing this beauty is not so easy.


‘People say to me, “Hey, you were so lucky to get that shot!” and I explain that luck had nothing to do with it. I make myself lucky. I have in mind an image and I put myself in the right place at the right time in order to get it. There’s no magic in that. It is a matter of planning.’


While viewing Damon’s photographs you realize you’re sharing the vision of a person who lives his dream and you understand that this master craftsman of images manages to capture the wild essence of the country around him.


Viewing Damon’s images you will discover new worlds within worlds. Understand how weather, the light at dawn and dusk, cloud and storm can add new elements, new textures and new light to old landscapes. Bushfire, drought and flood redefine yet again. All that was familiar can be seen anew.


Damon’s photographs are printed using the finest archival materials and can be supplied in custom sizes, up to  several  metres wide.


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