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Lost Worlds of the Shoalhaven

A birds eye view of wild mountains, valleys, cliffs and waterfalls that lie between Kangaroo Valley and Pigeon House mountain in South East NSW.


We live in such a remarkable and beautiful place in the Shoalhaven district of NSW. Surrounding us are some of the most amazing natural landscapes in the world. In fact, I believe that the wild areas we have around us in South East NSW far surpass the natural beauty and grandeur of what I have seen in the Kimberley or Kakadu.

I have a little bee in my bonnet to photograph sights rarely seen within cooee of where I live in Broughton Vale. To that end, especially during covid-19, I have spent a great deal of time out exploring the hills and valleys around me and have come across places that few get to see and that are literally only a hop, skip and a jump away from my front door and literally within a few hour’s drive from Sydney.

One photo " Mystery Falls" was taken not far from my home, and shows a place that no one has photographed before. In fact I never realised such a place existed. It was only after driving and walking around some back roads that I came across a local farmer and got chatting about the beauty of the area. He ultimately said, "Walk across my paddocks and then out into the bush and a few kilometres further on you'll come to cliff edge with views of an amazing secret valley and waterfalls that few get to see." That I did, and you can see the results in my exhibition."

Lost Worlds is on exhibition at Jing Jo Restaurant in Kangaroo Valley village (Shop 8/160 Moss Vale Rd – opposite the pub) and runs to the end of April 2021. Opening hours Wednesday to Saturday 5pm to 9pm.


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