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About Damon

“Damon Smith, lives near Berry, two hours south of Sydney. He is a film maker, photographer and adventurer who often has his head in the clouds…. literally.


Damon pilots his own small aircraft, one that he lovingly built himself, and this enables him to capture amazing photographs of the earth from above.


"There is incredible diversity in the Australian landscape… from mountains to deserts, from the tropics to snow. There are superb wilderness areas, many only a few hours travel from our capital cities.”  


Enjoy superb aerial photography of the diverse Australian landscape.

Not just images but art supplied by the natural world.

Lost Worlds of the Shoalhaven

A birds eye view of wild mountains, valleys, cliffs and waterfalls that lie between Kangaroo Valley and Pigeon House mountain in South East NSW.


We live in such a remarkable and beautiful place in the Shoalhaven district of NSW. Surrounding us are some of the most amazing natural landscapes in the world. In fact, I believe that the wild areas we have around us in South East NSW far surpass the natural beauty and grandeur of what I have seen in the Kimberley or Kakadu.


I have a little bee in my bonnet to photograph sights rarely seen within cooee of where I live in Broughton Vale. To that end I have spent a great deal of time exploring the remote hills and valleys around me and have come across places that few get to see and that are literally only a hop, skip and a jump away from my front door and only a few hour’s drive from Sydney.

One photo " Mystery Falls" was taken not far from my home, and shows a place that no one has photographed before. In fact I never realised such a place existed. It was only after driving and walking around some back roads that I came across a local farmer and got chatting about the beauty of the area. He ultimately said, "Walk across my paddocks and then out into the bush and a few kilometres further on you'll come to cliff edge with views of an amazing secret valley and waterfalls that few get to see." 

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